Month: March 2019

009: Post Rock Partum (w/ Julie Davis)

What happens to a marriage between artists when success comes unevenly? In this episode, Jay speaks to Julie Davis about whether making money is analogous to success, how that commoditization of art negatively effects our self esteem, post-partum depression, making a marriage work with a touring musician, co-parenting a daughter from her husband’s previous relationship, and getting back to her songwriting roots and exploring her identity as Bluebook.

Julie Davis is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, visual artist, and mother based in Denver, CO.


008: Greater Dad Collective (w/ Virgil Dickerson)

Virgil Dickerson reflects on learning to co-parent, founding two record labels, 90’s hip hop, and raising a breakdancing/concert-wingman teenager.

Virgil is the Front Range Manager for The Passport Program in Colorado and Kreem Consulting. He’s the former marketing Director for Illegal Pete’s and Co-Founder of The Greater Than Collective and Suburban Home Records.

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007: Poet’s Home (w/ Emily Hobbs & Mickey Bakas)

When bands become family: Jay speaks to Mickey & Emily of Poet’s Row about the baby that changed their relationship, songwriting and a leap of faith that brings new chapter for the band in New Mexico. They also discuss an early scare with their son in the Neo-natal intensive care unit this past fall, watching each other evolve from bandmates and partners into parents, and whether people see them differently in the community now as parents with a band.

Listen to Poet’s Row: