010: The Underground Music Showcase

Musician-parents regale the artist-family lifestyle in all its exhaustion and glory. Host J. Marz brings Procreative Podcast live to Mutiny Info Cafe in Denver as part of the 2019 Underground Music Showcase.

Supported by UMS and by the Denver Arts & Venues Imagine 2020 Music Advancement Fund.

Erynn Mitchell and Evelyn Smith


Audio Produced by Erynn Mitchell.


009: Post Rock Partum (w/ Julie Davis)

What happens to a marriage between artists when success comes unevenly? In this episode, Jay speaks to Julie Davis about whether making money is analogous to success, how that commoditization of art negatively effects our self esteem, post-partum depression, making a marriage work with a touring musician, co-parenting a daughter from her husband’s previous relationship, and getting back to her songwriting roots and exploring her identity as Bluebook.

Julie Davis is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, visual artist, and mother based in Denver, CO.

Bluebook: https://bluebook2.bandcamp.com/releases

008: Greater Dad Collective (w/ Virgil Dickerson)

Virgil Dickerson reflects on learning to co-parent, founding two record labels, 90’s hip hop, and raising a breakdancing/concert-wingman teenager.

Virgil is the Front Range Manager for The Passport Program in Colorado and Kreem Consulting. He’s the former marketing Director for Illegal Pete’s and Co-Founder of The Greater Than Collective and Suburban Home Records.

Read more about Virgil:


007: Poet’s Home (w/ Emily Hobbs & Mickey Bakas)

When bands become family: Jay speaks to Mickey & Emily of Poet’s Row about the baby that changed their relationship, songwriting and a leap of faith that brings new chapter for the band in New Mexico. They also discuss an early scare with their son in the Neo-natal intensive care unit this past fall, watching each other evolve from bandmates and partners into parents, and whether people see them differently in the community now as parents with a band.

Listen to Poet’s Row: https://poetsrowmusic.com/

006: Desert Dadz (w/ Phil Pirrone)

Jay speaks to Phil Pirrone about Desert Daze, becoming a dad, and raising his daughter into a kaleidoscopic world of art and music.

Phil is the founder of Desert Daze, Moon Block, and the band JJUUJJUU. He’s based in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, who also performs with the band Deap Valley.

Desert Daze: https://desertdaze.org/

Moon Block: http://moonblockparty.org/

JJUUJJUU: http://jjuujjuu.org/

005: Different For Girls (w/ Jess Parsons)

Jay speaks to Jess Parsons about touring and the double standards mothers face in the music business, co-parenting with a touring musician, and her newest songwriting project Bluebook. They also cover the guilty feelings that come with being away from your child on a long tour, and the prospects of traveling with small children for extended periods of time.

Jess Parsons is a musician, songwriter, and mother based in Denver, CO.

004: Co-Parenting & Virtual Reality (w/ Ben Tyson)

Jay speaks to Ben Tyson about co-parenting kids across state lines, re-inventing himself after a painful divorce, and becoming a serial entrepreneur in some today’s fastest growing industries such as virtual reality, legal cannabis, and tech. They discuss the financial risks involved with starting your own business while needing to make money and keep life afloat in the short term.

Ben is co-founder of DenVR, a virtual reality art collective as well as Beta Killers, a rapid prototyping and innovation lab and Lumen Grave, a wood working studio all based in Denver, CO.


003: Get Over Yourself (w/ Adam Baumeister)

Jay speaks to Adam Baumeister from Meep Records about making space for creative time as a busy single parent, and growing his custom lathe-cut vinyl record business in Denver from a few friends to shipping records worldwide.

Meep Records: www.meeprecords.com

002: Fair Weather Friend (w/ Tim Massa)

In this episode of the Procreative podcast, Jay speaks with Tim Massa about FOMO, lost friends and relationships in the music world, marketing a major outdoor music amphitheater, and how leaving five bands to become a dad led him Stella Luce, his most successful project to date.

Tim Massa is the Marketing Director for the Mishawaka Ampitheater in Bellevue, CO. He’s also the guitar player for Fort-Collins based indie band Stella Luce, and a father of 3. He’s played with numerous other acts including Sour Boy, Bitter Girl and helps organize FoCoMX, a growing musical festival in Fort Collins. He’s also managed marketing for other Northern Colorado venues including Hodi’s Half Note, The Aggie Theater, and Cohere Bandwith.

Stella Luce – stellalucemusic.com
The Music District – www.themishawaka.com/mish-initiative/

001: Two Separate Worlds (w/ Erin Roberts)

In this pilot episode of the Procreative podcast, Jay speaks with Erin Roberts about being a mother and front woman of Ft. Collins, CO-based indie folk band Porlolo. They discuss how her songwriting has changed since becoming a mom, touring, the final show of her pregnancy supporting Destroyer, and the gulf between the competing identities we present as artists and parents.

Erin Roberts is the Community Manager for the Music District, an artist workspace, and creative playground based in Fort Collins Colorado. She’s also a mother and a musician. Her band Porlolo is a true labor of love, with good friends finding peace and party times through musical connection. Formed in Denver in 2002 by the eccentric and prolific Erin Roberts, Porlolo has been a highly collaborative project. Roberts—a self-defined sister, swimmer and stunt artist—is a powerful songwriting force, cranking out grungy, sometimes twangy, often pure pop hits. Over her last 15 years of deliberate wandering through Denver, Gunnison, Eugene and most recently Fort Collins, Roberts draws inspiration from the dramatic landscapes and even more dramatic personalities.

Porlolo releases Awards on April 27, produced and engineered by James Barone (Beach House). Players include Anna Morsett (The Still Tide, Brent Cowles), Jake Miller (Esmé Patterson, The Still Tide, Brent Cowles), Tom Mohr, James Barone (Beach House), and Pat Meese (Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats).Awards showcases Roberts’ thoughtful and playful songwriting, fully supported by the talent of her influential friends and bandmates. Says Roberts of her current lineup, “Porlolo has been an incredibly powerful force in my own life, providing equal amounts of sanity and absurdity, keeping it weird when life gets tedious, heavy and too adult.”Porlolo discography includes What Would This Be For (2002), Storm and Season (2004), Meadows (2006), Pony Trekk (split EP with Kate Magnus, 2009). In December of 2014, Porlolo released Everything, Barely, a three-song EP produced and recorded by James Barone (Beach House). Erin Roberts also released Fill Your Lungs(2012) with the Denver-based band Ending People.Porlolo has extensively toured the US, playing alongside Jessica Lea Mayfield, Cass McCombs, Destroyer, Magnolia Electric Company, Fleet Foxes, Phosphorescent, Two Gallants and more.